Recently, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about networking and relationships. Someone recommended the book Never Eat Alone€ by Keith Ferrazzi so I picked it up and began reading it a couple of weeks ago.

Since then, the principle of building your business by building your network is successfully demonstrated everywhere I turn. For example, I had coffee with the president of Right Choice Business this morning. He’s making a business out of formalizing a network of credible businesses.

Through the WPO (Women’s President Organization) which I joined a few months ago, I have met several smart, powerful, and successful women. I am constantly amazed at how simply getting to know some of these ladies over the past six months has increased VisionPoint’s credibility and incoming referrals for our online marketing business.

Now as I ponder how the Internet is changing how we communicate, how we categorize our self through the content that we read or publish, and how we build our own online communities; it seems there’s an opportunity to go beyond the “Add me to your network” sites.

I’m not sure but would welcome your ideas or suggestions.