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What Netflix Knows About Adult Student Demand

It takes a lot of guts for a leader to tell his or her most important constituents that they’re wrong. Yet that’s exactly what Netflix CEO Reed Hastings did last month in a letter to shareholders. And if you are struggling to recruit and retain adult students, Hastings’s recent ruminations contain some important wisdom for you, too.


Webinar - Three Chords and You're a Rockstar OmniUpdate and VisionPoint Webinar

When it comes to Google Analytics, it is crucial to get the essentials right. The data doesn’t have to be complicated. By mastering the basics, you can go much deeper, faster. The key is knowing what those core elements are and where you should spend your energy.

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Three Chords and You're an Analytics Rock Star Mastering the Essentials of Analytics

This presentation will help you learn the language and essentials of data, all with an eye on helping you understand and measure the long-term impact of your marketing content.

Mastering Google Analytics is key to becoming an effective marketer — in higher ed or any business.

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The Vocabulary of Google Analytics: An Introduction

Wouldn’t it be great if you could read the minds of all the visitors to your website?

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GDPR and Higher Ed: Are You Ready?

The GDPR goes into effect on May 25, 2018, signaling a huge change in personal data privacy.

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20 Tips for Writing Search Engine Optimized Content for Your Higher Ed Website

By now, you’ve probably heard the old joke: Where’s the best place to hide a body? On the second page of Google results.

Inattention to website accessibility can seriously impact your website users —and the reputation of your higher ed institution.

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Website Accessibility: A Primer for Higher Ed

If you are managing a higher ed website, you need to be paying close attention to the responsibilities and challenges of website accessibility.

Integrated Marketing: Higher Ed Marketing 101

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Integrated Marketing: Higher Ed Marketing 101

In higher ed, integrated marketing is key to the all-important conversion at the end of the engagement funnel. But what exactly is it and how do you implement it?

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Higher Ed Marketing SOS: Help—Facebook is Killing My Page!

As an agency specializing in higher ed marketing, VisionPoint has been creating social media strategies for colleges and universities for a long time. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the social media landscape as platforms come and go and adapt to evolving user expectations. If there’s one thing we can say with certainty about Facebook, it’s that the social platform embraces change on a regular basis. Now, it looks like it’s time for another Facebook change and this one is “bigger than the average tweak.”

Think of your higher ed marketing strategy as a game plan

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Higher Ed Marketing 101: Strategy vs. Tactics

Strategy vs. tactics. These terms are often a real source of confusion for marketers, even experienced ones. You can write the most beautiful strategic plan in the world, but if you fail to think about and incorporate tactics (the tools and techniques to execute it), the plan usually sits on a shelf without ever actually being implemented.

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7 Steps For Building an Integrated Marketing Strategy & Plan

We’ve heard from many a school that integrated marketing is not as easy as it sounds. Of course, it’s not that their marketing is intentionally disjointed; it’s just an unfortunate byproduct of their organizational structure and resource limitations. Let's talk about how to change that.

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How to Read a Digital Marketing Report

A key part of being a digital marketer is reading and analyzing analytic reports. Reports give marketers insights into what’s working and isn’t working in a digital marketing campaign. With so many different metrics, marketers can be at a loss at where to begin. If you’re finding yourself a little lost in the metrics you’ve come to the right place!