Team at Starbucks

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Excited to be in Maryland again!

Today we’re at {NAME OF SCHOOL REMOVED} making an oral presentation to their website committee to win a really exciting project.

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eduWeb Conference 2012

Earlier this month more than 300 internet marketing enthusiasts came together in Boston for the 2012 eduWeb Conference to talk higher ed.

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Review: ‘Balsamiq Mockups’ Helps In Designing, Presenting, Testing Information Architecture

Completed wireframes not only provide an informative deliverable for the client, but they can be used to further test the navigational concepts with users. The software programs we’ve been using have created effective wireframes, but haven’t given us a useful tool for linking these wireframes together to show functionality - until now.

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Sam: My Internship Experience Here at VisionPoint

My first intern experience was different than any idea I’d had in mind. Whenever I heard the word "intern" I thought of fetching coffee and making copies. But being a VisionPoint Marketing intern made me feel like part of the team - an equal.

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Drive Enrollment Using an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Most savvy marketers know that a well-designed website does not fully translate to an effective online marketing presence. In other words, just because you build it, you’re not guaranteed they will come. You have to utilize other marketing techniques to attract, nurture and convert prospective students into enrolled students.


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What’s Your Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Most of us know by now how important mobile technologies are to our marketing efforts.

The Lazy Project Manager

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VisionPoint Team Weighs in on Author’s Project Management Strategy

At VisionPoint Marketing, our account services team is anything but lazy, but they were challenged by project management guru and author Peter Tayl

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From Scratch: Branding an MBA Program

Before an organization, institution or business can promote its brand, it has to first figure out what it is. VisionPoint worked with the Jenkins MBA program at NC State to develop a simple and concise messaging program to communicate its brand value. That message, divided into five “pillars”, allows students, faculty, administration and supporters to pitch to anyone both comprehensively and succinctly.

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Meet Our Summer Interns

Summer is here and so are our new interns. At VisionPoint Marketing, interns are an integral part of our team and we make sure they know it. To demonstrate this, we asked real-life VisionPoint interns to talk about the time they’ve spent with us so far.

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VisionPoint Recognized for Steady Growth and Profitability

VisionPoint Marketing is pleased to receive the Greater Raleigh Chamber’s Pinnacle Award for Steady Growth and Profitability for the fourth time.

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5 Things You Need to Know Before Redesigning Your Website

What’s your worst nightmare after enduring a full website redesign? The horrid realization that it STILL doesn’t serve your goals. We’d like to offer up a few tips that will help you sleep better at night.