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VisionPoint Buys a Goat?

Yes, VisionPoint is excited to introduce our newest friend Bubbles the dairy goat. Now before you get too excited to come visit us and our new goat, we must break the bad news. She won't be living with us; in fact she won't even be living in this country.

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16 Weeks Later….

Social media intern Ryan Teng reflects on his VisionPoint internship experience.

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Standardizing Web Code

Everyone who codes has their specific way of doing things. It's impossible to avoid. This presents a challenge in a company where every developer and engineer may need to work on projects that he or she did not orginally complete. How do we make sure that we are as efficient as possible? Standardization.

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The VisionPoint Internship Experience

Project manager intern Molly Little reflects on her VisionPoint internship experience.

VisionPoint Social

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5 Tips for a More Effective Social Media Strategy

It’s a no-brainer. Social media has to be a part of your institution’s marketing strategy.

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Empathy. It’s Why We Work in Higher Ed

College and University marketing folks have tough jobs.

Cartoon Wedding from Up

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Captivate your audience through great stories

Your target audience doesn’t care about you.

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Top 3 Things To Consider Before Redesigning Your Website

Video: Tony and Diane give their opinion on what you need to take into account before redesigning your institution's website.

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VisionPoint Dedicates Support to End Domestic Violence

Thursday, March 22nd marked the introduction to the first ever statewide campaign against domestic violence.

Website Content

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7 Steps Toward Better Content

Your content is ultimately what drives traffic to your website. It’s why people visit your site in the first place.

Governance Shield

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Website Governance: 5 Ways to Safeguard Your Redesign

Website redesigns are costly on all fronts, so it’s important to make sure your best marketing tool doesn’t suffer the fate of your old website. A governance plan is the first step to ensuring the integrity of your investment over the long run. Discover VisionPoint Marketing’s thoughts on how to make the best governance plan for your institution.

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Demystifying SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Figuring out how to boost your institution’s online presence can be tricky. Check out some of VisionPoint Marketing’s tips on how to make search engines work for you.