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Web Hosting: What to Choose?

For us here at VisionPoint Marketing as well as our clients, web hosting has always been somewhat of an adventure.  Let's take a look at web h

School of Business

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What keeps a Business School Marketer Awake at Night?

In November 2011, I attended the American Marketing Association’s

Cracked Windshield

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How a Mobile Website Saved My Day (Literally)

 Last weekend I suffered a crack in my windshield (Doh!).  My first thought? "€œHow much is this going to cost me?"€

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Cultural traditions of a country or region bring people together by way of shared foods, music, languages, literature, etc. And for the most part, you’re born into this type of culture. Not much of a choice.

Stick Notes on Whiteboard

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What Brainstorming Is - €”and What Brainstorming Isn’t

Born from advertising in the 1950s, brainstorming has been an essential form of idea generation at many of the most innovative companies in the wor

What Do You Stand For

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Values and Vision Points

Whether that be from a personal or professional perspective; these values become the guidelines by which you live, how you conduct business and how you behave.

Student on Laptop

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Higher Education Websites, Avoiding Common Mistakes

Meet Alex, Jordan and Taylor, the most recent visitors to your admissions page.

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Information Architecture

Most of us have been to that website that made us so frustrated we wanted to shut our computer off because either the information we were looking for was nowhere to be (visibly) found, or we needed to go on an adventure through the jungle of a website to get to it.

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Six Weeks In: An Intern’s Experience

Most people begin posts about their internships with something like "€œI can’t believe it’s been X amount of time"€ or "€œIt seems like just yeste

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Infographics: Data Designed

Everyone has seen charts, graphs and Venn diagrams and while those graphics do illustrate data, infographics are a step into the future of represen

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Customizing Your School’s Facebook Page

Today’s high school seniors are applying to more colleges than ever before and doing whole new levels of research into the types of schools they ar

Team Meeting

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How Do You Handle Setbacks?

VisionPointers took time out of their day on Wednesday to attend a Lunch ‘n Learn on How to Deal with Setbacks and Change.   While the te